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Policies, Procedures, Compliance, and Training

No matter whether you operate a Small Business or a big one, Quality Control is important. We offer tailored templates or finished products for your brand and Company. All materials are available to be included in 100% Virtual Quality Programs offered from Quality Consultation Service.

Blank Quality Control Templates
Get downloadable Quality Control Templates

Blank Templates

Blank Policy, Procedure, Emergency Action Plan, Risk Management, Employee Hand Book, and Training Templates. Designed with your Company and branding in mind.

Complete Quality Employee Manuals
Download complete customizable manuals.

Complete Manuals

Donʻt have time? Need it now? No problem, we can write your manuals or training program from page 1 to the finish. We can correspond virtually, in person, or a mix of the two.

Quality Control Templates
Virtual Training is your friend.

Training Programs

Weʻve all heard the expression about what happens when you donʻt train your employees and they stay. We offer modern, mixed media, engaging training solutions.

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Quality Assurance Pricing

Basic outlines for Quality Control Materials


Nearly complete policies, procedures, and manuals

.49 – $8.99

Downloadable Training File (one time cost)


Virtual training modules (per session)


Quality Consultation Service Fee

$40 HR

Let’s protect your business together.